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St Antony's, All Saints and St Edmund's

Title Date Text
Repent and you will have life 24 March 2019 In the gospel reading twice Jesus said “Unless... ...Read more.
Sermon for Sunday 17th March 2019 24 March 2019 I want to begin my sermon this morning by... ...Read more.
Old Testament 6 Numbers and Eternal Life 24 February 2019 We who come to worship have a keen interest in... ...Read more.
Old Testament 5 - Quails and Manna in the desert 10 February 2019 Today Florence begins her journey of faith. I'm... ...Read more.
Old Testament 4 - Moses and the burning bush 03 February 2019 Candlemas commemorates the occasion when Mary... ...Read more.
Old testament 3 Jacob wrestles with God 27 January 2019 Looking at Jacob's life. Jacob realised that... ...Read more.
Old Testament 2 Jacob's Ladder 20 January 2019 How awesome is this place! It is the house of... ...Read more.
Old Testament - (1) - Jacob steals the Blessing 13 January 2019 The Bible is the story of the People of... ...Read more.
Praise, Practice and Promise 02 December 2018 I am sure that like me you have sometimes... ...Read more.
What Kind of King is Christ? 25 November 2018 Sermon for Morning Worship Sunday 25th November... ...Read more.
Old Testament Series 7 Isaac 22 November 2018 There’s a Father in the story... ...Read more.
Old Testament series no 6 Lot 06 November 2018 Looking in the rear view mirror.Listen to the... ...Read more.
In Christ 28 October 2018 Sermon 28 Oct  8.30 & Morning WorshipIsaiah... ...Read more.
Old Testament series no 5 Amos 21 October 2018 The person I have in mind used to be a shepherd... ...Read more.
Old Testament series no 4 The Tower of Babel 14 October 2018 In this story of Genesis 11 we find something... ...Read more.
The Old Testament sermon 3 07 October 2018 The third sermon in the series oh the Old... ...Read more.
In Sickness and in Health 01 October 2018 Martin's sermon for Sanderstead Light in... ...Read more.
The Old Testament sermon 2 23 September 2018 Genesis ch 6 v 5-7. Noah and the great flood.... ...Read more.
The Old Testament sermon 1 16 September 2018 We're beginning our series of Old Testament... ...Read more.
Jay Colwill - Canon Missioner 02 September 2018 I'm speaking today within the context of... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week. Simon Stocks. Reflecting and Representing 17 August 2018 Reflecting, Replacing and (Mis-)RepresentingHow... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week, Rev Martin Greenfield. Jesus, the bread of life 17 August 2018 Jesus, the Bread of Life, John 6:47-59This is... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week. Rev Tom Thompson.Jesus the son of Joseph 16 August 2018 Rev Tom Thompson. Jesus the son of Joseph.This... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week. Simon Stocks. Modern idols and missing the point 16 August 2018 Modern Idols and Missing the Point In what ways... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week, James Collins, Jesus the Lamb of God 15 August 2018 Rev James Collins speaks on Jesus the Lamb of... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week, Simon Stocks. Gold, Glory and Greed 15 August 2018 Gold, Glory and GreedWhat is greed and how do... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week. Simon Stocks. Reverence, Ruin and Restoration 14 August 2018 How have your aspirations shaped you as a... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week, Rev Richard Moy, Jesus the Good Shepherd 14 August 2018 Sanderstead Bible Week.Rev Richard Moy - Jesus... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week. Steve Ridgeway. Jesus the Saviour 13 August 2018 Steve Ridgeway. Jesus the Saviour.Matthew ch 1... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week. Simon Stocks.. Images, Idols and Imposters 13 August 2018 Sanderstead Bible Week.Rev Simon Stocks' sermon... ...Read more.
John 15:9-17 “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.” 05 August 2018 Some of the teachings of the Christian... ...Read more.
I pray that you may have power, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ 29 July 2018 Sermon 29 July 2018 8.30 Eucharist and 10 am... ...Read more.
I am the vine and you are the branches 22 July 2018 Twice Jesus says here "I am the vine", "I am... ...Read more.
What do we do with our inheritance? 15 July 2018 What shall we do with our... ...Read more.
“If anyone loves me, he will keep My teaching” John 14:15-24 01 July 2018 If we are serious about being followers of... ...Read more.
"Lord, show us the Father" John 14:7-9 17 June 2018 Show us The Father, that’s all we want.... ...Read more.
Bishop Jonathan Clark at Rev Jeremy's licensing service 20 May 2018 "Today is Pentecost, the day when the Holy... ...Read more.
John 14:1 Choose fear or faith. 06 May 2018 Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be... ...Read more.
John 10:14 Jesus as the Good Shepherd: a claim to rule. 22 April 2018 Team Service. Jesus said “I AM the... ...Read more.
Are we reading the Old Testament? 15 April 2018 "May we bow our heads together to pray.  Lord,... ...Read more.
Joy Gadsby's Funeral sermon and eulogy 04 April 2018 You can listen here to the address given by Rev... ...Read more.
Hebrews Part Six - A warning against unbelief 18 March 2018 Continuing the sermon series on... ...Read more.
Hebrews Part Five - Because He suffered He can help us 04 March 2018 “…..Tom Wright …gives an account of 2 sons... ...Read more.
Hebrews Part Four - We see Jesus 25 February 2018 This isn't the best recording as we were in the... ...Read more.
Hebrews Part Three - Why must we listen to the message? 18 February 2018 If you have ever thought to yourself, this... ...Read more.
Hebrews Part Two - Who is this Son? 11 February 2018 "Given that Jesus Christ offers a huge amount,... ...Read more.
Hebrews Part One - God has spoken to us by His Son 04 February 2018 "Today we begin a series of sermons on the... ...Read more.
Epiphany: God wants the world to know his son, Jesus Christ 07 January 2018 Where is the one who has been born King of the... ...Read more.
Isaiah 61, Anointed and sent to preach the Good News 17 December 2017 When we think about a passage in the Old... ...Read more.
Prepare the way for the Lord 10 December 2017 Isaiah, 40 3-5. Prepare the way for the... ...Read more.
Don’t let him find you sleeping 03 December 2017 Mark 13:36.  Good morning Saints of God. My... ...Read more.
Transformation, St Paul 26 November 2017 Sermon 26 November 20178.30 Communion & 10... ...Read more.
Transformation by Failure 19 November 2017 Bishop David Atkinson preaches "We're coming... ...Read more.
Transformation by Prayer 05 November 2017 I'm enormously encouraged when I survey the... ...Read more.
Open Heart Joy 29 October 2017 Sermon for 29 October – Transformation –... ...Read more.
Transformational Worship 22 October 2017 We have been looking at what it means to be... ...Read more.
Transformational Church 15 October 2017 When everyday people like oursleves are... ...Read more.
Transformation and Renewal. The Man Born Blind 08 October 2017 John 9. 1-41:  The man born blind. In this... ...Read more.
Transformation part 2 01 October 2017 Rev Jeremy preaches the second part in the... ...Read more.
The Parable of the unmerciful servant 17 September 2017 The parable of the unmerciful servant. Jesus up... ...Read more.
Transformation Part 1 03 September 2017 Transformed into his likeness - what does that... ...Read more.
Ven Chris Skilton - Bible week talk. Grace for Eternity 18 August 2017 Romans chapter 8 begininng at the 28th verse.... ...Read more.
Confidence in God's Grace, Rev Peter Irwin Clark 17 August 2017 If you were to die tonight where would you wake... ...Read more.
Rev Simon Stocks asks why do we need the Psalms 16 August 2017 Rev Simon Stocks' third talk on the Psalms for... ...Read more.
Sanderstead Bible Week. Dr Susan Clarke on suffering 16 August 2017 Dr Susan Clarke asks "Suffering: is it... ...Read more.
Rev Simon Stocks on Psalm 51 15 August 2017 Rev Simon Stocks talks about Psalm 51 and the... ...Read more.
Simon Stocks 1st talk on Psalms 14 August 2017 The first talk by Rev Simon Stocks in... ...Read more.
The meaning of the Transfiguration 06 August 2017 In that gospel reading Jesus went up on a... ...Read more.
A sermon preached by Ven Dr Joseph Ajaefobi. 23 July 2017 How did I come to the realisation that there is... ...Read more.
Whoever Has Ears Let Them Hear 16 July 2017  Matthew 13:9-12 Whoever has ears let them... ...Read more.
Who's in Control? 12 February 2017 Matthew 6: 25-34 WHO’S IN CONTROL? Two business... ...Read more.
Refugees need a home. What can we do? 03 November 2016 Refugees need a home. What can we do?I’ve been... ...Read more.
Stewardship by Rev Paul Roberts 16 October 2016 Stewardship Sermon: All Saints’, Sanderstead... ...Read more.
The Good News is... God is Judge! 20 September 2016 The Good News is… God is Judge! Martin writes:... ...Read more.
Follow me! By Bishop David Atkinson 26 June 2016 All Saints; Sunday after referendum.   26th... ...Read more.